Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at the Gypsy Den

Aaron came home on Sunday and asked me to go out to the Gypsy Den with him for lunch. It was nice to get of the house.We ate outside so I wasn't able to snap pictures of all of the arty things the Gypsy Den is known for, but we did get a few cute pictures from our outing!

A really cool thing about the anti mall is that there are thousands of little places to take pictures. We always see photographers around. It just looks cool, no matter where you're at. 

A very artistic menu, indeed. 

 Aaron being, well, Aaron. 

We ordered the pasta salad and the chicken chipotle avocado wraps (vegan chicken with soy) ~ the pasta was amazing. I had a hard time getting down the entire wrap, the soy was overwhelmingly.

One of my favorite things about this place is the little decorative things they have out everywhere, like these cute little able cards.

 After lunch I cuddled as much as I could with little miss ToffieToff

 I love this kitten with my whole being!

And that's how I spent my Sunday!

xox, a modern dame

p.s. all photos were taken with Aaron's new Galaxy S3 (it's a beast of a phone)

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