Friday, December 21, 2012

A Lack Of Color

Since I've been feelingso sick lately, it's been hard to shoot anything. I've been feeling really ruddy so, despite the lack of sun today, Aaron and I went and took a few shots of my outfit. I haven't been feeling particularly creative with my outfits either, but I did feel very warm and comfy today. 

I was inspired by Cassidy's Soft Monochromatic post to wear a knitted hat that I got from Knitty Kouture  a while back.

purse, leggings & soft sweater{forever21}, shoes {DSW}, hat {kittykouture}, necklace {vintage}

xox, a modern dame

Monday, December 17, 2012

3 Things ~ White Owl Affair

 It's been a while since I've done one of these, so here's 3 small things have made me smile this December.

1. A lovely white owl, given to me by Aaron's lovely mother, Linda.

2. Don't for husbands and wives. Vital information, trust me.

3. A charming little bow necklace.


xox, a modern dame

A Crafty Christmas Tree

Here are some images of our tree this year. Its quite chaotic, but I find that its also quite charming :}

I got this cute wrapping paper at the .99cent store.

Kitten toys for Miss. Toffie Toff

So that's our Christmas Tree this year!  

I would have posted these images sooner, but this entire week I've had the flu. I finally feel good enough to post a few things and get back to freelancing! I'm also growing more and more excited to see my family! I'm nearly finished with all of my Christmas present shopping and getting together my Christmas cards! I just adore this time of year, so I'm very glad to be feeling better.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Holiday!

xox, a modern dame

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Ruche Holiday Feature

I absolutely adored their Holiday shoot, I love the 1920s feel t their looks and all of their intimate assessories. I definitleyplan on making myself a 2013 arty mask and getting my hands on this amazing art nouveau necklace in royal blue

You can see all of the images from their feature here and you can shop their looks here!

What do you like best from their Holiday look book?

xox, a modern dame

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Rosey Sunday

As Christmas draws nearer, the weather is getting more and more delightful! It's cold enough to even wear my favorite jacket! My Sunday was spent out with Aaron and my roommate as we wondered various places searching for more Christmas tree items, lights, and gifties! Our spirits are high and we can't wait for the holiday to finally be here! 

For this particular look,I decided to wear my fashionable pea-coat and nude heels. I thought my thrifted skirt and a pop of red would make the entire outfit come together. To break the color scheme, I added my jade scarf to add some flare.

This clutch is pure vintage, my roommates grandmother gave him a bunch of her old clothing before she moved, he gave me this clutch since he knows how much I adore maroon. 

No matter how may times I wear this heels, I always fall back in love with them all over again. Comfy, cute, and they go with so many outfits! 

In addition to shooting today, I finished my Christmas illustration for Aaron and I a few days ago and thought I'd share it. 

Hope you all like it! 

xox, a modern dame

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dainty Driplets

The weather as of late has been matching the season extremely well. Today was foggy and a bit wet. Though, in California you can only hope for so much. I take any chance I can get to put layers on and today I tried to do something a bit different. I recently purchased some mustard colored leggings and wanted to create a cute look with them. I paired it with some thrifted finds and an adorable wool cardigan Aaron's mother bought me last year.  

These shoes are so comfortable. They're a short heel and are very flattering, I love the color as well,it's a pale violet, which made my mustard colored leggings stand out all the more! 

I loved that my old floral thrifted dress had both mustard and violet colors, creating a nice segue into using my leggings and making them harmonious rather than just "an add on."

Aaron couldn't help himself, he had to get a few shots of these cute little mushrooms before the sun fell.

xox, a modern dame

Dear Santa Claus

Dearest Santa, 

Below is an image of all the things my heart currently desires. 
I know that you're busy and that you have hundreds of children to think about, but I just wanted to tell you I've been pretty awesome this year and think I may deserve at least one of these gifties! 

Yeah, I know, I have expensive taste, but think about how cute I'd look with that vintage owl ring, or those nifty emerald earrings... And oh how my heart aches to read about Peter and Wendy's great adventures... 

Look, I'm just saying that these gifts are fabulous and totally worth it. Think about it!

Thanks again, S.C.

p.s. I'll even bake you something sweet, like snowman cupcakes or reindeer cookies! PLEASE?! Oh, and the links are at the bottom, in case the elves can't figure it out like last time.


Melanie L. Berg

1. Peter and Wendy by James Barrie {Amazon}
2. A precious owl ring {Ruche}
3. White Owl Pendant necklace <3 {Etsy}
4. Around The Green earrings {ModCloth}
5. Deer Silhouette Sweater {Forever21}
6. After Hours Warp Watch (most expensive gift ever) {Anthropology}
7. Crushin' on Kelly clutch {ModCloth}
8. Disney's Alice in Wonderland {Amazon}
9. Disney's Peter Pan {Amazon}
10. By The Creek Ruffled Scarf in Mustard {Ruche}

xox, a modern dame

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Kitschy Christmas Wreath

If my mom taught me anything, it's that you can never decorate enough for Christmas. Now, I'm not going to go as far as putting 2000 lights in my Christmas Tree (which my mom has done nearly every year since I was a child) but I do think it's important to put a personal touch into everything you can. My mom also made her own wreaths, she had an amazing bell wreath that we hung in the house and I always adored the little items she carefully picked out. This year it's my turn to do that in my own home. 

A lot of the items I chose to decorate my wreath with are from Michaels. I got everything for under 20 bucks, I also nabbed this snowman decoration at a near by thrift store, I got it for $0.45. Tell me that's not a steal! I just *fell in love* with it's kitschy look. I think my Christmas style is definitely Modern Rustic. I adore old looking ornaments and the feel of hand crafted items. 

Christmas is a time for me to reflect on the great moments I've had with my family and friends during this time of year, much like sitting at the window side with a cup of hot chocolate. It just makes me feel rich with love for life and love for the people in my life. 

So yeah, everything here is from Michaels, aside from the hand crafted snowmen. I got the bare vined wreath for $4.99 at Michaels and all the add ons were all under $8.00.

I fell in love with these berry looking decorations, they kind of remind me of something a fairy would live in, so fun!

This vine wreath was super easy to work with, most of the ornaments went right in, I just had to gle on the snowmen!  It was a little bit messy, but totally worth it for the end results.

Made two little bows to add on and Voila! Perfect!

After adding the bows, it was time to put it up!

Here's another shot from outside of our apartment. I really love how it all came together  That thrifted snowmen really helped make the wreath, I think. It wouldn't be as adorable without it. I couldn't be any happier with the result! 

I also got a few other Christmas related items from the thriftiness that were just priceless and exactly what I was looking for. These cute little guys were one of them! They are just so precious and soooo my style, I had to nab them too! They were only $1.45! And a perfect reason why I have such a thrifting obsession!

I hope you guys enjoyed my wreath!


xox, a modern dame

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Blues

I guess I decided to break away from the "romantic vintage" look and do something a little more modern. I think black is a great way to start any outfit, if you have a solid black skirt, or blazer, or pair of pants, the rest of the outfit will just fall into place. I've had this black long sleeved shirt for some years now and its always around when I find myself in a style block. 

I paired it with a super chic belt and a very creatively patterned skirt I purchased at a thrift store. I was thinking of doing a summer shoot with it, but felt drawn to the colors this morning.

I'm actually wearing knee high boots with this outfit, it really made the look for me when I added them into my styling.

I also wore my new fuax fur vest that I bought at H&M a few weeks ago to give the look a more "winter" feel. I really love how the black of the fur blends in with my look, it's very classic and elegant, rather than in your face fur. 

The necklace and earrings are from Target and I'm simply in love with them. I said in a previous post about how I very rarely, if ever, go for jewelry that's bold and out there, that I'm typically more dawn to intimate accessories, but I think I'm finally getting to the point where I feel comfortable enough to wear "big jewelry" 

long sleeved shirt {purchased in Holland}, skirt {thrifted}, boots & bag {gifted}, jewelry Target, fur vest H&M
Did I state how ready I am for Christmas? I really am, I can't wait to do more winter styles, there's simply so much you can do! And the layers!

xox, a modern dame