Friday, December 7, 2012

Dainty Driplets

The weather as of late has been matching the season extremely well. Today was foggy and a bit wet. Though, in California you can only hope for so much. I take any chance I can get to put layers on and today I tried to do something a bit different. I recently purchased some mustard colored leggings and wanted to create a cute look with them. I paired it with some thrifted finds and an adorable wool cardigan Aaron's mother bought me last year.  

These shoes are so comfortable. They're a short heel and are very flattering, I love the color as well,it's a pale violet, which made my mustard colored leggings stand out all the more! 

I loved that my old floral thrifted dress had both mustard and violet colors, creating a nice segue into using my leggings and making them harmonious rather than just "an add on."

Aaron couldn't help himself, he had to get a few shots of these cute little mushrooms before the sun fell.

xox, a modern dame

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