Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 Things: A Mosey Sunday Affair

1. sleepy sunday attire with toffie

2. gelato ice cream

3. ellen tracy loafers

And that's pretty much how my Sunday was spent.

  xox, a modern dame

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jaded Bowkadots & Intimate Accessories

Even though fall is fast approaching, it is still agonizingly hot here. It makes putting fall looks together a bit of a challenge, but I thought this "bowkadotted" dress and sleeveless jade button up made a great fall edition.

This look is extremely comfortable and lightweight, the fabrics are so soft, like luxurious sateen woven bed sheets that keep you cool in the summer. The heels are a fantastic touch and really pull the look together, making it more feminine and delicate, as apposed to more casual with flats or loafers, which are often my go to shoes when feeling lazy, or in this case, very hot.

I recently found that I buy all sorts of odd jewelry, but never anything too bold. This is something I've noted and want to change. You can see from the first image, I tend to find myself drawn to smaller, more intimate jewelry items, and that's fine, but fashion wise it doesn't translate well. Don't get me wrong, I like the pieces I have on in this outfit, but that's a personal opinion. I've recently found myself more drawn to those bold statement items. My purse was a thrifted find and it's definitely my lazy bag. It's cute, light, and goes with almost all of my casual looks.

dress & shirt H&M, shoes ModCloth, purse {thrifted}, jewelry {hand crafted} ring forever21, necklace silpada

xox, a modern dame

Thriftstore Confessions

This vintage skirt is a perfect example as to why I love thrifting. Perhaps it's a personal preference, but I'm absolutely in love with it. It is stunning and so fitting for fall. I simply cannot wait to try it out.

This dress is very comfortable and perfect for a lazy day. It looks great with all types of jackets, belts, and shoes. The jean jacket is similar in that way, I can wear it with all sorts of outfits. I think that's what I always try to look for when shopping now, the chameleons, those great items that can just be used over and over to create memorable looks.

xox, a modern dame

Friday, September 28, 2012

September Sunset

I have to tell you, I felt terribly sick during this shoot because Aaron and I both caught colds. There were a few decent images, but a lot of them were just me looking gross. I really wanted a few images of the look because I just love this dress, belt, and sweater combination so much. So, despite feeling sick, I did a messy braid, pushed the bangs out of my face and tried to be a good sport since Aaron was so willing to shoot for me.

These shoes are, by far, my favorite shoes ever. They're super comfortable, very feminine and over the top teal. They make any outfit I wear fun and memorable. 

bracelets forever21 {similar}, belt, earrings & knitted sweater {thrifted}, dress by  jella courure, shoes Stuart Weitzman {similar}, purse ModCloth

xox, a modern dame

3 Things

I finally had a day off and decided to post a few things that made me smile yesterday.

1. a sewing machine

Aaron bought this for me. He's been really supportive of me starting the blog and knew I wanted to do a few DIYs, so he purchased this cute little sewing machine. How I adore that boy. I couldn't help myself; the thread was too inviting not to get a few shots.

2.  my sweet kitten, Toffie. She kept me company while I conjured up some logo ideas for my blog.

3. my "living jewlery" necklace that Aaron bought me a few months back.

Living Jewelry Pendant Keepsake by Copperhead on Etsy

I guess finally having some free time to myself allowed me to take a moment and smile at the simplicity of the life I so dearly enjoy.

xox, a modern dame

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little bit of Neverland

There's no denying that a Peter Pan collared anything  makes whatever outfit you wear instantly more sophisticated, but the thing I love most about them is the idea behind the name. Peter Pan. That movie, one of my favorites, is so playful and fun and, of course, classic Disney. Wearing something that represents such a memorable thing makes me love my outfit all the more. I will never grow tired of wearing Peter Pan collared shirts, they are as timeless as the film itself.

There's also something sort of whimsical behind the name and I really love that because it gives us a sense of fantasy and I tend to associate fantasy with vintage clothing sometimes. I decided, for that reason, to pair the shirt with a few key pieces. An old owl earring (lost its twin) to act as a broche and a cute vintage ring I bought years ago from forever21.

This purse is probably one of my favorites. It was my very first "expensive" purse. I got it from ModCloth and am in love with it(unfortunately they don't have this kind on their website anymore). I also love the extension contrast created when wearing it with simple outfits. It gives a very neutral outfit a whole new look.

peterpan shirt & jewlery forever21, denim jeans pacsun, ballet flats H&M, purse ModCloth

 xox, a modern dame

Finding Self Beauty

The very first time I picked up a camera, I decided I needed to do a self portrait. That entire session was me running back and forth trying to make a decent face, but I kept messing up and I just looked too awkward, so I just started to mess around instead.

I know that taking pictures of yourself can seem kind of arrogant or considered, but I find that I am capable of seeing beauty in myself that wasn't there before. I know that not every day I am beautiful, but at least when I capture a picture of myself that I'm proud of, I know I can be beautiful and feel beautiful, if I want to.

Here are a few images from that session:

The whole point of the session was to get a great portrait, which I think I had success in, but what I found was that I felt beautiful when I was done with it. Sure, my iso is way off and these images are extremely grainy, but they're fun and they feel like me, a me that I find pretty darn beautiful. ;)

xox, a modern dame

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wishing for Fall

A big part of why I dislike California so much is the fact that it stays hot for so ridiculously long. It's impossible. Lately the heat wave has been making me sick! I literally become nauseated. It's gross. So I find myself looking at old pictures of fall outfits and reminiscing on the times when layers feel comforting and hot coco is welcomed.

Until then... I am simply wishing for Fall.

xox a modern dame

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Floral Whimsey

I've always had a soft spot for rustic romantic photography. It's just something that hits my heart in a way no other photography does. It has a certain "classic" appeal to it. When I think of my favorite images, they tend to have a similar look and feel to them. Lately I have been trying to replicate that in my own way.

One of my personal projects has been documenting outfits of mine. Heather, bless her heart, is always willing to model for me.

My last shoot with her was super fun. I decided that I wanted the images to be fashion based, but with a romantic feel to them.

get the look ~ Floral heels can be found here and here I originally bought them at Forever21, but they are no longer listed on their website, unfortunately. The purse is a vintage thriftstore find and the skirt was the last of it's kind at Forever21, but if you click here you can find an adorable purple one. I'll keep searching for them, though.

xox, a modern dame

Gavin & Heather

My third photoshoot ever was a couples shoot with my roommate and his darling girlfriend. I am really thankful they were so willing to help me because I was fortunate enough to capture a few gorgeous images out of it. I loved how close they were together in these. Heather was a bit camera shy, but Gavin kept her preoccupied ;}

After shooting with them I realized how much fun couples photography could be. I'm hoping to capture more precious moments such as these in the future ;}

xox,  a modern dame

Bits & Pieces

So, I guess every blog starts with an uncertain introduction. This is mine; my name is Melanie Berg, I'm 23 and live with my boyfriend, Aaron, of 4 years. We met our first year at college. His love for art reflected that of my own and continues to every day. My life pretty much revolves around him. Don't get me wrong, I have a life and friends! I'm not that socially awkward...

Okay, so I am!

Anyways, my love for blogging started at a young age, my first blog was on Xanga, if you can believe that. From there I posted on several forums and websites and have just been addicted to documenting my life and the things around it ever since.

Here are a few things I like to post about:

Aaron and I
4 year anniversary - By Manya K. Photography

Aaron's adorable daughter, Ashlyn.

"Picture Attack" with Ashlyn P. by Melanie Berg
Vintage Fashion Photography

"Sarah in the Sunlight" by Melanie Berg

My Personal Artwork

Musician "Kimbra" by Melanie Berg

I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. I'm a "visual development artist" -- which is just a silly way of saying that I draw cartoons. More so than that, though, I like to think of myself as a visionary. I have many projects I'm working on and thought that, at this point, it would be a good idea to create a blog dedicated to those things.

Here is the list, in no particular order:

Finish first chapter of novel
Start personal blog
Finish children's book
Gather content for fashion blog
Document your first DIY
Design a fashion collection
Update personal website
Come up with Name for Fashion blog

This list will, most certainly, grow. For now, though, this is what I'm trying to focus on. Of course, by posting this initial introduction, I've completed one already! I guess all one really needs is a bit of time, dedication, and motivation! 

xox, a modern dame