Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa Claus

Dearest Santa, 

Below is an image of all the things my heart currently desires. 
I know that you're busy and that you have hundreds of children to think about, but I just wanted to tell you I've been pretty awesome this year and think I may deserve at least one of these gifties! 

Yeah, I know, I have expensive taste, but think about how cute I'd look with that vintage owl ring, or those nifty emerald earrings... And oh how my heart aches to read about Peter and Wendy's great adventures... 

Look, I'm just saying that these gifts are fabulous and totally worth it. Think about it!

Thanks again, S.C.

p.s. I'll even bake you something sweet, like snowman cupcakes or reindeer cookies! PLEASE?! Oh, and the links are at the bottom, in case the elves can't figure it out like last time.


Melanie L. Berg

1. Peter and Wendy by James Barrie {Amazon}
2. A precious owl ring {Ruche}
3. White Owl Pendant necklace <3 {Etsy}
4. Around The Green earrings {ModCloth}
5. Deer Silhouette Sweater {Forever21}
6. After Hours Warp Watch (most expensive gift ever) {Anthropology}
7. Crushin' on Kelly clutch {ModCloth}
8. Disney's Alice in Wonderland {Amazon}
9. Disney's Peter Pan {Amazon}
10. By The Creek Ruffled Scarf in Mustard {Ruche}

xox, a modern dame


  1. I love your new signature and your list! I was so excited to see it! When I saw that owl ring from Ruche I totally thought of you. I also love that clutch and that reindeer sweater!! Now remember don't buy any of these things for yourself in case someone else buys them for you! :)


  2. Sweet mother, i love that Clutch !!! :o
    Your blog looks awesome !;)