Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Rosey Sunday

As Christmas draws nearer, the weather is getting more and more delightful! It's cold enough to even wear my favorite jacket! My Sunday was spent out with Aaron and my roommate as we wondered various places searching for more Christmas tree items, lights, and gifties! Our spirits are high and we can't wait for the holiday to finally be here! 

For this particular look,I decided to wear my fashionable pea-coat and nude heels. I thought my thrifted skirt and a pop of red would make the entire outfit come together. To break the color scheme, I added my jade scarf to add some flare.

This clutch is pure vintage, my roommates grandmother gave him a bunch of her old clothing before she moved, he gave me this clutch since he knows how much I adore maroon. 

No matter how may times I wear this heels, I always fall back in love with them all over again. Comfy, cute, and they go with so many outfits! 

In addition to shooting today, I finished my Christmas illustration for Aaron and I a few days ago and thought I'd share it. 

Hope you all like it! 

xox, a modern dame


  1. This is a perfect outfit for Christmas festivities! You look perfect, I love this jacket! I was about to buy a similar one at target but I chickened out, for some reason I can't commit to a coat! This one is too cute though! I love the scary too it's a great color :) sounds you like you had a wonderful day filled with Christmas cheer! :) oh and how did you do your hair? Is that the sock bun? I want mine to do that!

    1. Cassidy you are such a sweetheart! Yeah, its a sock bun! So easy and cute, wear it everyday at work!