Monday, July 29, 2013

An ever+mi.crush love affair

I recently discovered a cute little vintage boutique! I absolutely adore their selection thus far! Here are some of my favorite articles currently! 

Check out their latest items at ever+mi.crush 
Be sure to check their sale's rack!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Breeze

My first shoot since we've arrived here in Marin County. Aaron has been taking me on a ton of hikes. There are so many neat places for shoots, my mind has been riddled with excitement for the blog! It's also been tremendously hot! 

Summer is certainly here, and I've really been loving every minute of it. If I'm not painting, I'm outside soaking in the sun!

I found this dress about a year ago at a local Salvation Army and really loved it, but it was just too big for me. It also had arms to it that I wasn't quite fond of, so I altered it! I really loved how it came out!

dress {thrifted & altered}
purse {thrifted}
sandals {payless}
bracelet {seattle}
earrings {H&M}

Of course I had to take a quick snap of Aaron, as he was looking particularly groggy during our shoot!

I was finally able to wear this adorable vintage looking dress I bought a year or so ago for my brothers wedding. It's nice to know I'm able to dress it down and make it a little more casual.

I paired it with my cropped jean jacket, an old belt, and these cute sandals that I've had forever!

I really loved this old railroad area. It curved beautifully, Aaron wasn't quite able to catch that on this shoot, but we'll definitely be going back for another shoot here at some point, it's just too pretty not to!

dress {forever21}
belt {myske}
sandals {payless}
jean jacket {thrifted}
purse {modcloth}

xox, a modern dame

Life lately with Instagram!

First off, we moved!

We finally said our goodbyes to Orange County. It'd been a long time coming, but we finally made it happen!

Since we're closer to Aaron's daughter, we've been able to spend way more time with her, which has been a real treat for us! 

Secondly, we spent July 4th with Ashlyn (Aaron's daughter) at the fair, I painted her nails and finally we watched the fireworks from a Ferry near the bay bridge, it was simply phenomenal!

Thirdly, Aaron and I celebrated our 5th year Anniversary on July 10th!

That about sums up the last few weeks!

-Hope you all had an amazing 4th!