Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Vintage Vampire

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Halloween! My Halloween has been about picture taking and pumpkin carving. Here are some shots from my outfit today, a Vintage Vamp ( how fitting fo
r my bloggity ;p ). I actually did this same costume last Halloween, but loved it so much I had to bring it back just for this post ;}

Happy Halloween Everyone!

xox, a modern dame

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at the Gypsy Den

Aaron came home on Sunday and asked me to go out to the Gypsy Den with him for lunch. It was nice to get of the house.We ate outside so I wasn't able to snap pictures of all of the arty things the Gypsy Den is known for, but we did get a few cute pictures from our outing!

A really cool thing about the anti mall is that there are thousands of little places to take pictures. We always see photographers around. It just looks cool, no matter where you're at. 

A very artistic menu, indeed. 

 Aaron being, well, Aaron. 

We ordered the pasta salad and the chicken chipotle avocado wraps (vegan chicken with soy) ~ the pasta was amazing. I had a hard time getting down the entire wrap, the soy was overwhelmingly.

One of my favorite things about this place is the little decorative things they have out everywhere, like these cute little able cards.

 After lunch I cuddled as much as I could with little miss ToffieToff

 I love this kitten with my whole being!

And that's how I spent my Sunday!

xox, a modern dame

p.s. all photos were taken with Aaron's new Galaxy S3 (it's a beast of a phone)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thrifted Confessions

First, I can finally say I'm excited for Halloween. And thank goodness for the 99 cent store because this little guy simply made my day. 

Also, on the same note, I found these adorable vintage oxford heels for 2.99 at the thrift store and I'm totally wearing them with my Halloween costume! 

Lastly, I found this brilliant Banana Republic floral dress wrap for 5.99 at the thrift store. It's possibly one of my absolute favorite thrifted finds. I'm also going to be sending this dress to Cassidy from Things Like Skeleton Keys & Me  for her to style and enjoy for our dress swap posts!

And those are my thrifted confessions for this month. 

Hope you like the dress when you get it, Cassidy! 

xox, a modern dame

A Floral Rendezvous

Today felt like a red heel day. I decided to grab some of my recently thrifted red heels and throw a vintage inspired look together.  I love my little green dress, it's works with all sorts of different outfits and I can wear a lot of different collared shirts underneath. I decided to color match with my cute red rose floral collared shirt.

I wore a beautiful necklace Aaron's mother, Linda, gave me. It's pretty old and adds a lot of character to my outfits. I really loved how this turned out together, actually.

I honestly couldn't pass this heels up. 4.99 at the thift store- it made my day. 

dress maskye, floral collared shirt & purse{thrifted}, heels {thrifted}, belt forever21, necklace {gifted ;}

xox, a modern dame

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Red Dress

I have been hesitant in the past to wear red, as though I assumed the color would consume me. I had a tendency to only wear black, to "blend into the crowd." Now that I feel more confident and more fashion savvy, I see red and an opportunity to "glam" up my outfits. I really love this long sweater dress for that exact thing. I can wear it casually or for a night out. I love the way the dress looks with my new jean jacket and my "Strolling Around" tights.

I absolutely love these stockings, they wildly fun and very flirty, which gives the red dress an added effect. I love the design so much, whenever I wear them I definitely get a lot of compliments, all thanks to ModCloth.   

This awesome little necklace is a piece Aaron bought me a while back from Copperhead's Living Jewelry Etsy account. I literally wear it all the time, it's just awesome.

I have to discuss my hair for a moment.

I hate my hair.

EXCEPT when it's curled. Thank God for curling irons or I would probably just cut off all of my hair, which I may still do. I am so envious of girls with luscious locks and well maintained hair. I wish I had it, but I was simply not blessed with such luck.

So, for those of you that glace at my blog occasionally, you've probably noticed like 85% of my wardrobe is thrifted.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without thrift stores. They are the bomb. Seriously. This jacket was only 4 bucks. It's a little big, but I don't mind. The cuffs/collar of this thing have this amazing embroidery all over. That's what caught my eye. I had to have it.

These shoes are actually one of the most comfortable pair of heels I own. I bought them at payless for $13.99 and they look cooler than some similar shoes that ran for $150.00. Never underestimate the magic of Payless.

jacket {thrifted}, sweater dress maskye, stockings & purse ModCloth, shoes Payless, necklace Copperhead 

xox, a modern dame

Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Things ~ Little Details

Since I had a few hours before work, I decided to take a few shots of some things that made me smile this week.

1. My new card holder.

I purchased this cute little card holder from Ruche, it's seriously one of my favorite things on my desk. It's so pretty and delicate looking and reminds me of a true period piece.

These business cards belong to two artists I follow. Nicolas P. Villarreal is an artist I met two years back at Comic Con who I was instantly inspired by. I honestly reference his book every time I do a character design. He is simply amazing. Anthony Jones {robotpencil} is an unbelievable concept artist I had the great opportunity of meeting during college. He is one of the most successful artists I know, personally.

2. My adorable little wallet

You can find more of her handmade goods on her Etsy account Cotton Purr

3. My latest shoot with my friend Sarah 

Sarah is an avid ModCloth shopper. She wore her stylish Ele~Fancy necklace to our shoot and it really made the look super fun and chic.

xox, a modern dame