Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Things ~ Little Details

Since I had a few hours before work, I decided to take a few shots of some things that made me smile this week.

1. My new card holder.

I purchased this cute little card holder from Ruche, it's seriously one of my favorite things on my desk. It's so pretty and delicate looking and reminds me of a true period piece.

These business cards belong to two artists I follow. Nicolas P. Villarreal is an artist I met two years back at Comic Con who I was instantly inspired by. I honestly reference his book every time I do a character design. He is simply amazing. Anthony Jones {robotpencil} is an unbelievable concept artist I had the great opportunity of meeting during college. He is one of the most successful artists I know, personally.

2. My adorable little wallet

You can find more of her handmade goods on her Etsy account Cotton Purr

3. My latest shoot with my friend Sarah 

Sarah is an avid ModCloth shopper. She wore her stylish Ele~Fancy necklace to our shoot and it really made the look super fun and chic.

xox, a modern dame

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