Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Floral Rendezvous

Today felt like a red heel day. I decided to grab some of my recently thrifted red heels and throw a vintage inspired look together.  I love my little green dress, it's works with all sorts of different outfits and I can wear a lot of different collared shirts underneath. I decided to color match with my cute red rose floral collared shirt.

I wore a beautiful necklace Aaron's mother, Linda, gave me. It's pretty old and adds a lot of character to my outfits. I really loved how this turned out together, actually.

I honestly couldn't pass this heels up. 4.99 at the thift store- it made my day. 

dress maskye, floral collared shirt & purse{thrifted}, heels {thrifted}, belt forever21, necklace {gifted ;}

xox, a modern dame

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