Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Kitschy Christmas Wreath

If my mom taught me anything, it's that you can never decorate enough for Christmas. Now, I'm not going to go as far as putting 2000 lights in my Christmas Tree (which my mom has done nearly every year since I was a child) but I do think it's important to put a personal touch into everything you can. My mom also made her own wreaths, she had an amazing bell wreath that we hung in the house and I always adored the little items she carefully picked out. This year it's my turn to do that in my own home. 

A lot of the items I chose to decorate my wreath with are from Michaels. I got everything for under 20 bucks, I also nabbed this snowman decoration at a near by thrift store, I got it for $0.45. Tell me that's not a steal! I just *fell in love* with it's kitschy look. I think my Christmas style is definitely Modern Rustic. I adore old looking ornaments and the feel of hand crafted items. 

Christmas is a time for me to reflect on the great moments I've had with my family and friends during this time of year, much like sitting at the window side with a cup of hot chocolate. It just makes me feel rich with love for life and love for the people in my life. 

So yeah, everything here is from Michaels, aside from the hand crafted snowmen. I got the bare vined wreath for $4.99 at Michaels and all the add ons were all under $8.00.

I fell in love with these berry looking decorations, they kind of remind me of something a fairy would live in, so fun!

This vine wreath was super easy to work with, most of the ornaments went right in, I just had to gle on the snowmen!  It was a little bit messy, but totally worth it for the end results.

Made two little bows to add on and Voila! Perfect!

After adding the bows, it was time to put it up!

Here's another shot from outside of our apartment. I really love how it all came together  That thrifted snowmen really helped make the wreath, I think. It wouldn't be as adorable without it. I couldn't be any happier with the result! 

I also got a few other Christmas related items from the thriftiness that were just priceless and exactly what I was looking for. These cute little guys were one of them! They are just so precious and soooo my style, I had to nab them too! They were only $1.45! And a perfect reason why I have such a thrifting obsession!

I hope you guys enjoyed my wreath!


xox, a modern dame

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  1. Holy Cuteness! I need to make a new wreath so bad, you just inspired me!