Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Liebster Awards

Cassidy from Things Like Skeleton Keys & Me nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks Cassidy!

This award is like a chain mail style letter given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers to help promote them.

The Rules

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you, then create 11 questions for your nominees
  • Choose 11 people with less than 200 followers and link them in your post
  • Go to their page and tell them
  • No tag backs 

11 "About Me"'s:

1. I am a freelance artist. I absolutely love to draw and paint!

2. I'm an Aries, which pretty much means nothing to you unless you care, in which case; you now know I am hard headed, vain (obviously), passionate, and daring.

3. Number 3 is my favorite number. It reminds me of deep violets and Wednesday afternoons.

4. I grew up reading Harry Potter and will always have an amazing connection to those books. I went through some severe depression and those stories were my safe haven.
5. I am writing/illustration a children's book as well as working on a novel. Both are trying, but amazing goals to be met!

6. My family is pretty big. I have 3 sisters and 1 eldest brother. My two older sisters are married with two children, one with twins, the other with a small son and daughter. My brother was married last year in April and is planning for his first child! My youngest sister is a free spirit with more wit and sass than most adults I know. I love my siblings dearly and miss them all the time.

7. My boyfriend, Aaron, has a 5 year old daughter. She has my heart, this one!

8. I have three addictions, chocolate, tea, and thrifting.

9. We have over 5 pets on our home. A cat (miss toffie), a sunconure (miss marly), a snake/sandboa ( miss pumpkin), a mexican redknee tarantula (eeek!), and several aquatic pets that Aaron cares for. We've had jellyfish, puffer fish, octopus....

10. My front tooth broke in half during some immature shenanigans in LA last year, half of that tooth is ceramic.

11. I have two tattoos, one of a small fairy on my right  hip line, the other under my right collar bone, that reads, "passion rules reason" - its a wizards rule.

Cassidy's Random Questions List

1. How many shoes do you own?

That is a loaded question. I have an unhealthy obsession with heels now that I'm older. As a teen I owned one pair of shoes: Vans.

Now? Well...

2. If you only had one beauty product on a deserted island, what would it be?

This adorable owl lip balm my friend bought me:

3. If you could choose to have anyone's closet, whose would it be?

I want every article of clothing that Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls owns

Just look at how classy that dame is!

 4. Favorite Disney Film?



5. What's your maternal grandmothers name?


Always makes me think of Betty Rubble, or Betty Boop.

6. What is the best thing you've ever eaten?


It's an Arabic meal with a variety of different meats and seasonings wrapped in a pita bread, similar to that of a gyros. AMAZING. My mom would make it for me on special days when we lived in Holland, I haven't eaten the meal in over 8 years.

7. If you could win a shopping spree to any store, which would it be?

Ugh. Probably Zara. I love me some vintage, but Zara is absolutely fabulous in every way!

8. What is your favorite perfume?

Falling in Love by Philosophy. Aaron bought me a bottle some years back and I simply adored the aroma. Silky sweet!

9. What blogger/bloggers inspire you the most?

In no particular order:

BleuBird Vintage
M loves M
A Clothes Horse
Delightfully Tacky
Gala Darling
A Beautiful Mess
Kendi Everyday
Things Like Skeleton Keys & Me
Classy Girls Wear Pears
Color Me Nana
The Shades of Monet Chronicles
The Mad Twins 
Fashion Freaks
hearted girl

and many, many more....

9. If you had to watch a 90s sitcom for the rest if your life, which would it be?

Buffy, duh!

10. What color is your kitchen?

"Not appealing" in sickly off-white.

My 11 questions:

1. What is your fondest memory?
2. What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
3. If you could choose a film to describe your life, which would it be?
4. Name 2 guilty pleasures.
5. What was the nicest compliment you've ever received?
6. Planet Earth is crumbling, you need to move to Mars, what do you bring with?
7. You rub a magic lamp! Boom! Genie asks, "What are your three wishes?"
8. What is your most treasured article of clothing/accessory?
9. What is your favorite YouTube channel?
10. If you could own any pet, what would it be?
11. If you could be fluent in any language, which would it be? 

My 11 Nominees
(will update)

xox, a modern dame

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