Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy Birdies

As the title of this post implies, we have been some busy little birdies! The past few weeks have been non-stop go, go, go! It's been really hard to keepup with weekly posts, so I made a point to do this one ;} 

In this post I decided to bring along our bird, Marley. She's a sunconure and nearly 2 years old. Marley and Aaron are best friends. Marley likes me, but loves him. She's a pretty smart birdie, although very loud. If she's not saying "He-llo" she's squawking for Aaron's attention, which can be tiring some days, so we like to bring her on small walks to keep her calm and happy :}

It was pretty cool that her feather colors were the same as my shirt! Aaron loves to say, "look at how nice Marley's dressed today, what with her amazing coat and clown pants." Some days she simply outdresses me. 

When I saw this pencil skirt at the thriftstore, I nearly died. It's just too cute and super fun! I really love how it looks with the black tights and heels, it made me feel very tall and professional, with a casual twist. 

dress, shoes, purse, and pencil skirt {thrifted}, tights, owl necklace, & earrings forever21, faux fur vest H&M

xox, a modern dame


  1. I love that skirt! What a find.

    Marley is too sweet. Do you have tethered when you walk? Or is she that well trained?

    We had a love bird for 16 years called Midas that I miss every single day.


    1. Marely gets her wings trimmed and her beak/talons filed once a month, so she can't fly too far, although Aaron and I have never experienced her trying to fly away, she generally stays planted on our shoulders, shes a very loyal and loving birdie!

      So glad you liked the skirt!