Sunday, January 6, 2013

High Tides

Aaron and I took the day today and decided to visit the beach since it had been so long since we'd watched the tides. It was a lovely day, the breeze felt wonderful and I can sense myself yearning for warm weather once again. I'll definitely miss the coldness and warm winter coats, but I'm looking forward to all the beautiful days spring has to offer!

For this particular look, I decided to keep it a bit more casual, as I wanted to walk around the beach comfortably. I paired my denim jeans with a simple off white long sleeve, some basic boots, and a knitted coat.

The coat really throws the whole look together, I think. It worked quite well with the beach look, which I thought was kind of surprising! I brought along my light pink purse to add some color to my otherwise neutral look. 

The boots were a steal, I got them at payless for $25-, knocked down from $59.95! They're really comfy and water resistant! 

These cute rose hoop earrings were $3.99 at Forever21, how I love that shop! 

The day only got better after the quick shoot, we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, drank mojitos and indulged in some cheesecake. We've been exercising and running a lot, so it was a treat!

xox, a modern dame

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  1. Yum Cheesecake factory! What kind did you get? I love this outfit, especially the jacket and pair of rings, so cool :)

    I nominated your for the Liebster award, if you are interested :)