Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Joshua Tree Adventure!

I finally had a chance to sit down and post these awesome pictures from Joshua Tree. Aaron and I had such an amazing time there. We both took turns using his camera because there was so much to look at.

We went on a perfect day, too. The weather was just amazing, but boy does the atmosphere change throughout the day! I went from wearing a tank and shorts to needing my jeans and jacket almost 2 hours into being there! Aaron suggested that I wear my gym clothes, but I decided against it, I wanted to wear something more casual. I regret that! If you're going to be there for rock climbing and intense hiking, wear gym clothes. Be as comfortable as possible. I was comfy, but I just wasn't wearing the right clothes for the workout we put ourselves through! 

All in all, though, it was a great little trip and I'm so glad we went!

Welcome to Arch Rock!

 "Would'ya just look at those rocks?" 

Aaron was constantly mesmerized by the contrast between the rocks and the sky.

Where we had our lunch. 

 I absolutely love the geometric designs that erosion created on these rocks.

Aaron, looking quite adorable. 

Yup, I was pretty cold. I would have warn a scarf and a hat, had I thought to bring them!

Driving over to Keys View, to see the sunset.

Just loved the lighting here, very romantic and warm. We sat at the edge of the cliff drinking wine and watching the sun slowly fade.

Aaron, enjoying the sunset. 

The colors here were just brilliant. I am so glad the camera captured it because it was very dark at this point. The sun was an amazing red and the sky had this gorgeous blue to violet gradation. 

Aaron and snapped a last shot of us together and headed back home.

xox, a modern dame

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