Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Encounters

How wonderful it is to be wearing spring dresses again? I do love winter, but boy am I glad to feel the sun on my skin!  This dress is probably one of my favorite go to dresses because it's lightweight and super cute. I never thought of pairing it with boots and a denim jacket before, so I just tried and I really adore the look.  

I think the boots balance it out and, of course, my old ModCloth purse that seems to go with everything. 

I've also been using this Ruche bracket more than I thought! It goes with so many outfits and seems to be quite the versatile little piece! 

 I wore this knitted cardie underneath and really loved the contrast between the knits and the polka-dots.

I'm about to sneeze, can you tell? 

Dress {H&M}
Cardigan {thrifted}
Necklace {Forever21}
Boots {Payless}
Bracelet {Ruche}
Purse {Modcloth}

During a shoot, of course there are pedestrians and cars, etc, well yesterday Aaron and I encountered another bird lover. Aaron keeps our bird Marley on his shoulder during the shoot, but this man's bird was riding on the front of his bike! He was kind enough to stop and take a few pictures with us as we discussed the joys of having and caring for our little pets. 

She loved to give kisses, haha. Aaron was smitten.

Have you ever had an amazing random encounter? 

xox, a modern dame

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