Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Floral Whimsey

I've always had a soft spot for rustic romantic photography. It's just something that hits my heart in a way no other photography does. It has a certain "classic" appeal to it. When I think of my favorite images, they tend to have a similar look and feel to them. Lately I have been trying to replicate that in my own way.

One of my personal projects has been documenting outfits of mine. Heather, bless her heart, is always willing to model for me.

My last shoot with her was super fun. I decided that I wanted the images to be fashion based, but with a romantic feel to them.

get the look ~ Floral heels can be found here and here I originally bought them at Forever21, but they are no longer listed on their website, unfortunately. The purse is a vintage thriftstore find and the skirt was the last of it's kind at Forever21, but if you click here you can find an adorable purple one. I'll keep searching for them, though.

xox, a modern dame

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