Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Things

I finally had a day off and decided to post a few things that made me smile yesterday.

1. a sewing machine

Aaron bought this for me. He's been really supportive of me starting the blog and knew I wanted to do a few DIYs, so he purchased this cute little sewing machine. How I adore that boy. I couldn't help myself; the thread was too inviting not to get a few shots.

2.  my sweet kitten, Toffie. She kept me company while I conjured up some logo ideas for my blog.

3. my "living jewlery" necklace that Aaron bought me a few months back.

Living Jewelry Pendant Keepsake by Copperhead on Etsy

I guess finally having some free time to myself allowed me to take a moment and smile at the simplicity of the life I so dearly enjoy.

xox, a modern dame

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