Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little bit of Neverland

There's no denying that a Peter Pan collared anything  makes whatever outfit you wear instantly more sophisticated, but the thing I love most about them is the idea behind the name. Peter Pan. That movie, one of my favorites, is so playful and fun and, of course, classic Disney. Wearing something that represents such a memorable thing makes me love my outfit all the more. I will never grow tired of wearing Peter Pan collared shirts, they are as timeless as the film itself.

There's also something sort of whimsical behind the name and I really love that because it gives us a sense of fantasy and I tend to associate fantasy with vintage clothing sometimes. I decided, for that reason, to pair the shirt with a few key pieces. An old owl earring (lost its twin) to act as a broche and a cute vintage ring I bought years ago from forever21.

This purse is probably one of my favorites. It was my very first "expensive" purse. I got it from ModCloth and am in love with it(unfortunately they don't have this kind on their website anymore). I also love the extension contrast created when wearing it with simple outfits. It gives a very neutral outfit a whole new look.

peterpan shirt & jewlery forever21, denim jeans pacsun, ballet flats H&M, purse ModCloth

 xox, a modern dame

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