Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY: Cute Reindeer Ornaments

For this Reindeer Ornament DIY, you will need:

1. Tear drop shaped ornaments
2. A string to attach them together
3. Acrylic paints
4. Paint brushes, preferably at least one detail brush
5. A clear coat spray

Step 1. Practice the design on a napkin before painting it onto the ornament, this will give you a chance to perfect your brush technique and make sure that you're getting the effect and look you like. 

Step 2. Start this particular Reindeer design with painting the very bottom tip of the ornament red. You can do this by free handing or by taping off the area above the ornament for a more precise looking line.

Step 3. Now you can paint the hair and antlers, leaving a decent amount of space for the reindeer's eyes.

Step 4. Paint on the eyes. You can leave it as just a simple circle, which I think gets the point across that it's a reindeer, or you can use a detail brush and wing out a lash at the top of the eye, giving the reindeer a more feminine look.

Step 5. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Now that they're done, be sure to use a clear coat to keep the paint from chipping. After they've dried, hang them up! Either in your tree or around the house to add a festive "feel"!

Since Aaron and I have yet to buy a Christmas tree (hint, hint, Mr. Jones!) I've just hung them above our fireplace for now, which I think is quite adorable!

For an alternative option, you can make a simple round ornament into a reindeer by painting a brown or,in this case, white circle, and doing the same process as above, just a bit simpler ;}

I have never felt so ready for Christmas! I am so excited to do more DIY's and more decorating around the house. I will finally be going up to San Fran with Aaron to see his family. I'm also excited to see my family for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, it is going to be such a treat!

This really is the first time in years I've felt so festive and excited about the Holidays. I am socked up on eggnog and can't wait to get my hands on some baking supplies! I have a list of treats and things I'm going to be trying over the next couple of weeks!

I can already taste my mom's Christmas cooking, and the cute cookies my sister always bakes! I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping and to celebrate the new year with Aaron. I can't believe it's been a year since I graduated... I still have days I wake up thinking I've missed a class! Ah, life is a strange, blissful thing.


xox, a modern dame

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  1. I am making these ASAP!!! So ca-ute! Love love love!