Monday, May 4, 2015

A Simple Baby Shower

What a fun day this was! I am so thankful to my sister-in-law, who set up the entire Baby Shower. She came up with all the games, decorations, invitations, everything. It was a simple and sweet day, I really thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so *very* pampered!

My brother and my lovely sister-in-law. :}

 My adorable twin nieces!

Cousins! born about a month apart!

My good friends, Sarah and April (April provided all of these amazing little images!)

My highschool besties, Melanie and Melissa <3

Ellie, another beautiful mommy-to-be!

My lovely sisters

 Mother hugs!

These ladies made the whole day! 

My sister making faces at her daughter 

 So many gifts...

Although I wasn't a big fan of sitting in front of a large crowd of people, I appreciated every little gift that was given that day. So many thoughtful things, I can't thank my friends and family enough!

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